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To: All Texans for State Park members and those that care about Texas State Parks


From: John Gosdin, President


Urgent! Your action is critically needed to ensure the long term health of our state parks.  The Texas House of Representative will be considering legislation that will ensure state parks receive the sporting goods sales tax revenue needed for proper operation and maintenance this week.  House Bill 82 will fully dedicate these funds to the state park system, and House Joint Resolution 33 will permanently end the diversion of these dollars by putting the dedication into the state constitution.


Your support is needed today.  Please call or email your Representative today and encourage them to sign on as a cosponsor of these bills, and tell others that care about our state parks to do the same.  If your representative is already a sponsor, let them know how important this issue is to you. 


For contact information for your House of Representative member, visit: http://www.house.state.tx.us/members/   


Don’t know who your Representative is?  Enter your address in the “Who represents me?” area of the legislature’s homepage: http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/Home.aspx


Points you can make on why these members should support House Bill 82 and Joint Resolution 33:

  • State and local parks are vital to our state’s economy and to preserving our Texas heritage, our culture and our way of life.

  • I am proud to join a diverse range of voters in supporting our parks – from hunting and fishing groups, to environmentalists and conservation organizations – we stand together in support of proper funding for our parks.

  • In fact, a vast majority of all Texas voters overwhelmingly support a strong, well-funded system of state parks. Based on a recent survey of active voters:

    • 92 percent agree that public parks are especially important to families needing an affordable recreational outlet

    • 84 percent see parks as “essential” to healthy, active lifestyles for Texans

    • 84 percent acknowledge the need for protecting natural areas

  • In 2013, the parks generated more than $774 million in sales, had a $202 million impact on income for Texas residents, and supported an estimated 5,871 jobs throughout the state in 2013.

  • The Sporting Goods Sales Tax, originally envisioned as a sustainable source of funds for the parks was passed in 1993. Unfortunately, the State has collected more than $2 billion in revenues from that tax, yet only 36 percent has been appropriated for parks.

  •  This tax has strong public support:

    • 76 percent of voters support using revenue from the “Sporting Goods Sales Tax” for acquiring, maintaining and operating state and local parks, and

    • 70 percent of voters would support a constitutional amendment to permanently dedicate sales tax revenue for state parks.

  • The 84th Texas Legislature has the landmark opportunity to preserve our parks for future generations. On behalf of our environment, our economy and our way of life, please vote in support of proper funding for our parks.



Members that had not expressed support for this legislation as of March 18 are: Aycock, Bohac, Dennis Bonnen, Greg Bonnen, Burkett, Button, Capriliogne, Craddick, Crownover, Dale, Darby, Sara Davis, Yvonne Davis, Dukes, Dutton, Frank, Galindo, Geren, Giddings, Goldman, Larry Gonzalez, Ana Hernandez, Herro, Hunter, Jason Klick, Koop, Landgraf, Laubenburg, Leach, Longoria, Jim Murphy, Oliviera, Otto, Paddie, Tan Parker, Paul, Pickett, Raney, Renaldo, Eddie Rodriguez, Schaefer, Schofield, Shaheen, Sheets, Sheffield, Simmons, Simpson, Smithee, Stephenson, Ed Thompson, Chris Turner, Scott Turner, Vandaver, Molly White, Wray, Zedler



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